Under 18’s must get a parent or guardian to sign an Insurance Waiver on their behalf.

​I, as a player at, want to play airsoft games at Airsoft Cymru sites Ltd and sign my name in consideration of being given the opportunity to engage in this activity.

I understand that:

The game is physically and mentally intense and may require extreme exertion to play.

The games may be dangerous if not played in accordance with the stated rules which I have read and understood.

The possibility of injury to myself and others exists.

I confirm and agree that:

I am fully aware of the risks to myself, and others involved in playing at Airsoft Cymru Sites Ltd, and that I will never under, and circumstances deliberately shoot anyone in the face or head.

I am physically fit and mentally able to take the strain and exertion involved in playing the games. I will disclose any medical issues have I have to the head Marshall prior to playing.

I will comply with Airsoft Cymru sites Ltd rules and use the equipment as instructed and not to injure or hurt others and will obey all directions of marshals or judges.

I will wear my goggles and not remove them while in a war game area where the game is being played and may only remove goggles in areas where the marshals advise. It is my own responsibility if I choose not to wear the recommended eye protection in the form of a full facemask (under 16s MUST wear a full-face mask e.g. Scott/jt/v-force/leader). Shooting glasses, I wear at my own risk. If I do not have suitable eye protection, I will not be able to take part.

​I agree any video recording done at the Airsoft Cymru sites Ltd will NOT be posted on social media or shared in any way via social media without prior consent of the management of the Airsoft site it was recorded at.

I agree that the airsoft gun I am using (if I have supplied my own) is legal for use in the UK and that if using a DRM airsoft rifle, I have contacted the police (OR other government approved authorities) to check it is legal for use within the UK, if I have not had this approved I will not use the airsoft gun and I take any and all responsibility for any legal complication or potential lawsuits that may arise from using an airsoft rifle that has not been approved for use in the UK. I accept that Airsoft Cymru sites Ltd is in no way liable for my airsoft gun regarding its legality of use in the UK.

If I have brought my own eye protection, I have checked it is rated EN166 safety standard & if my eyewear is not rated EN166 safety standard or I am unsure, I will request a point-blank test (glasses to be tested unworn) using a 500 FPS rifle before using them in-game.

I accept the health risks of playing airsoft and understand that I release, remise and forever discard any claims of liabilities without limitation I might have against Airsoft Cymru sites Ltd and the owners of property which the game is being played on. Including any hard or risk from the following:

I accept and understand that due to the UK Government’s ongoing Covid-19 precautions I may be contacted via track-and-trace and instructed to self-isolate or be tested, I accept this risk and choose to take part in the games – if such an incident does arise, then I will in no way hold Airsoft Cymru sites Ltd or the owners of the property which the game is being played on, liable in any way whatsoever for loss of earning or any other claims or liabilities connected with this process.

I accept and understand that airsoft is a physical game and that multiple risks of injury exist while participating. I FULLY accept these risks and will in no way hold Airsoft Cymru sites Ltd or the owners of the property which the game is being played on liable or legally responsible for any injuries of any nature I may receive while attending an event.

I hereby release, remise and forever discharge from any claims and liabilities whatsoever without limitations that I might have against Airsoft Cymru sites Ltd and the owners of the property which the game is being played on.​